Margaux Bellorgey

She tells us that she turned to pastry and cooking after seeing the film “Le Chocolat” by Lass Hamstrom … Woman and independent chef, Margaux Bellorgey is a lover of St Barth where she can fully live her vision of life and good things: a nice friendly table, market products, a good bottle of wine, laughter … Cosmopolitan cuisine from breakfast to dinner for everyone’s delight!


Lunch or Dinner with friends in an Antipasti, mezze, fish and characoal grilled beef farandole : our Cuisine is even tastier when shared with others ! It will bring you to the Amalfi’s Lemontrees, to a laid back beach Barbecue, to Beyrouth for the humus or to the Cyclades for the Squids and Sea bream… The aromatic herbs and marinades are here to remind you the magic of Mediterranean summer Meals.